Spruced up Pumpkins

October is my second favourite month of the year, and as the Autumn leaves change colour I start to plan for the holiday & festivities of this month. This year I decided to incorporate pumpkins into the overall decor of our Thanksgiving table.

Here’s what you’ll need to make these quick & simple DIY Pumpkins:

Pumpkins (best to have a variety of sizes)

Gold spray paint

Glitter (orange, black, gold, red, silver)

Glue (white or clear)


Crystals or beads


Large tray

Instructions: Wipe the pumpkin clean to eliminate any residue and/or stain. If you would like to spray paint the pumpkin, this should be done first, as it take about 20 minutes for the spray paint to be completely dry. Draw the desired pattern or shape directly onto the pumpkin using a pencil. Using a small paintbrush, brush the pattern or desired area with paint. Place the Pumpkin in a large tray (to avoid a big mess). Pour glitter directly onto the glue-brushed shapes. Repeat until the pattern is complete. If you’d like to add crystals or beads, simply brush the back of the crystals or beads with some glue and glue them onto the pumpkin in your desired pattern or shape.

Thank you to our friends at Sunflower Florist for the gorgeous Fall blooms. Here’s a look at a quick and simple DIY Pumpkin craft, that you can even do with the kids. Happy Thanksgiving!!




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